El Casco Antiguo de Benidorm

El Casco Antiguo or the Benidorm Old town is located between the two biggest beaches of the city, Playa de Levante, and Playa de Poniente. This is the oldest center of Benidorm, what used to be a small fishing village. Now, this part of the city is full of cozy cafes, restaurants, souvenirs shops and has an amazing view over the Mediterranean. You have to take note that the streets are narrow and have some steep climbs. You can discover small squares along the way, the smaller Mal Pas beach and the Port de Benidorm are also very close.

Picture by Harry Fabel

The highlight of El Casco Antiguo is the Balcon del Mediterraneo. This is a terrace that is located exactly between the two beaches and from which you can look out over the sea. The terrace is attached to a beautiful and graceful white building and is tiled with black and white flagstones. The stairs to the actual balcony are an adventure in themselves.

Picture by Harry Fabel

Besides the old streets and the balcony overlooking the sea, there is also the old church of Benidorm, the Església de Sant Jaume y Santa Anna, which you can visit freely. In the church, you can find the wooden statue of the patroness of the city, La Virgen del Sufragio. This statue originally stood on the prow of a London ghost ship that washed up on the coast of the Poniente Beach in 1740, the crew probably had died of the plague. The ship was burned down by the inhabitants of the village. However, the figurine remained intact after the fire, it was the only thing left from the ship except for some nails and other metal parts.

Picture by Harry Fabel

El Casco Antiguo is a must-visit place when you are in Benidorm, it offers an oasis of tranquility in a sometimes very busy tourist destination like Benidorm.

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