Bar Panoramico Benidorm

In the port of Benidorm, you can find this small but well-located bar. The special thing about the bar is that it has a fantastic view over the small marina and the skyline of the city. The bar is therefore called Bar Panoramico and is located above the maritime center of the Port de Benidorm.

Picture by Harry Fabel

In addition to the beautiful view, the bar also offers various small dishes and different drinks with sometimes interesting offers. The bar is open all year round and you don't need to be a member of the marina club to visit. Especially in the winter months, the place is a suitable place to enjoy the afternoon sun with a beautiful view over the many high buildings along the Poniente beach and the yachts in front of it.

Picture by Harry Fabel

You can find the bar across the entrance to the small Mal Pas beach. There is also an excellent fish restaurant below the bar.