Jaume Plensa's Silvia and María in Benidorm

Two giant sculptures have recently been placed at El Castell, that's were the  Mirrador of Benidorm is. Silvia and María as the enormous seven-meter high sculptures by artist Jaume Plensa are called will remain on the Plaza Santa Ana until September 26, 2023. Due to their enormous size they will attract a lot of attention of tourists visiting the popular location. After September they will probably be erected elsewhere in the city. The sculptures were purchased by the Hortensia Herrero and Mercadona Foundation.

Picture courtesy of Visit Benidorm

Silvia and María arrived in Benidorm in the middle of the Easter week of 2023. In an instant, these two iconic heads have become the main attractions of the iconic square in the old center of what used to be a small fishing village.

With this exhibition, the artist expresses his idea of femininity, with models representing slightly distorted faces of girls in cast iron. This initiative grew out of an earlier project in which he photographed a thousand faces in Chicago. The two now on display in Benidorm were purchased by the Hortensia Herrero Foundation.

In this way, the city of Benidorm continues to work towards becoming a kind of open-air museum outside of being a tourist sun city, because sculptures by world-famous artists have also been placed in other places in the city over the years.