Do not buy your cocktails on the Levante beach in Benidorm

Imagine you are on the beach of Benidorm and a man comes to you who says that he is working at a bar along the promenade and would like to get you your favorite cocktail so that you can enjoy it later on your beach spot without any problems. That is possible, unfortunately, these are scammers who, in addition to the fact that you will pay too much, will also put products in your cocktail that are not original, very cheap, and even dangerous. The cocktails are also often prepared in the back of a truck under very unsanitary conditions. So don't do it!

Pictures courtesy of the Benidorm Police

This kind of scam is common on Levante Beach. The scammers scour the beach line looking for potential victims. Often unsuspecting groups find such kind of service on the beach a luxury. Don't go into it and rather drink a real cocktail at one of the cozy terraces on the promenade itself. These bars have the necessary licenses to serve you the best products.