Spain allows animals in the catering industry and on all public transport

 A new Spanish animal welfare law was published in the Spanish Official Gazette on March 28, 2023, and will officially be enacted on September 29, 2023. That is good news for dogs, cats, and other pets or animals in general in Spain. However, there are still a few uncertainties about implementing this far-reaching law to guarantee the welfare of animals. What does this favorable law say about going to a restaurant, bar, or hotel with a dog, or what if you want to use public transport?

Picture by Pixabay

One of the most important points of the law is the right of access of pets to public transport, institutions, and public spaces. According to Article 29. 2, of the law, “public and private establishments, hotels, restaurants, bars and other establishments where drinks and food are consumed” may allow the entry of pets that do not pose a danger to people, other animals, and property. The 'ley de Bienestar Animal' stipulates that pets may only stay in "areas not intended for the preparation, storage or handling of food, without prejudice to the provisions of public health legislation or municipal regulations or specific legislation"

This allows dogs to enter public or private restaurants and bars, as long as they do not conflict with municipal or regional laws. The owner of the institution still has the right to prohibit the access of the animals. In that case, according to the law, he must show "an identification sign that indicates this, visible from the outside of the institution", such as a window sticker or sign stating a ban on dogs.