Porkys Karaoke: A Vibrant Oasis for Entertainment and Inclusivity

Discover the perfect spot to unwind with your friends, whether you're into belting out tunes in a karaoke session, engaging in a thrilling game of billiards, or competing in table football. Look no further than Porkys Karaoke Benidorm. This inviting café boasts ample space to accommodate you and your friends comfortably, and your hosts, Dasiel and Robby, are dedicated to ushering you into a world of entertainment.

Nestled on Poniente Beach, near the charming Pigeon Park and surrounded by an array of quaint bars in the old town of Benidorm, Porkys Karaoke offers a delightful ambiance for a diverse range of preferences. Whether you're seeking a lively night of karaoke, a competitive billiards match, or simply wish to savor a drink in good company, this venue has it all.

Porkys Karaoke takes pride in its LGBTQ-friendly atmosphere, ensuring that everyone feels welcome and embraced in their diverse community. Conveniently located at Av. de los Almendros, 9, Benidorm, this vibrant establishment is not only a hub for entertainment but also a central meeting point for those looking to enjoy a memorable and inclusive experience. So, whether you're perfecting your vocal skills or just soaking in the lively atmosphere, Porkys Karaoke is the ultimate destination for a fantastic time.