Lighthouse Haven: A Stroll through Sierra Helada's Maritime Beauty

This exquisitely crafted and fully functional lighthouse stands majestically at one end of the Sierra Helada Natural Park, perched on a lofty rock that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding sea. Originally erected in 1863, the lighthouse holds a fascinating history, with its initial access limited to a meandering and often perilous path along the shoreline, traversable only by donkeys or on foot. In its early days, the lighthouse served as both a beacon and a residence for the individual responsible for tending to the lamp, fueled by oil sourced through the same arduous route.

Picture by Harry Fabel

Adjacent to this iconic structure stands the Torre Bombarda, a historic tower that predates the lighthouse for centuries. Built to safeguard the coast and its residents from Berber pirates and smugglers, this tower adds an extra layer of historical significance to the site.

While the lighthouse has undergone modern adaptations, with an asphalt road now providing improved accessibility, motorized vehicles are prohibited from reaching the site. The once manually operated lamp has evolved with the times, now automated and powered by clean solar energy.

Picture by Harry Fabel

Access to the lighthouse is exclusively on foot or by bicycle, commencing from the entrance to the Sierra Helada Natural Park. The entrance boasts a spacious parking lot and a well-equipped visitor center, enhancing the overall experience for those embarking on this enchanting journey.

Picture by Harry Fabel

To reach the parking lot from the anchor monument at Albir's beachfront inception, ascend the road just above it, passing by the Kasbrane cafeteria. Follow the winding road uphill for approximately 600 meters until you reach the top, where the entrance to the parking awaits. This carefully planned route ensures a seamless transition from the bustling beachfront to the serene beauty of the Sierra Helada Natural Park, culminating in the awe-inspiring presence of the historic lighthouse.