Unveiling the Mystery: How Much Beer Flows in Benidorm?

Benidorm, the vibrant Spanish resort town, is synonymous with sunshine, beaches, and lively nightlife. But amidst the festivities, one question often arises: How much beer is actually consumed in this popular tourist destination?

Unfortunately, pinpointing the exact amount is a complex task. Unlike readily available tourism statistics, tracking individual beverage consumption proves much trickier. Several factors contribute to this challenge, as mentioned in the previous version.

Picture by Harry Fabel

However, we can still explore some factors and extrapolate educated guesses:

Duty-free allowances: Spain allows generous duty-free allowances for beer, with visitors able to bring in up to 4 liters per person. This translates to roughly 8.5 standard pints per person. Considering the estimated 5 million tourists Benidorm attracts annually, this translates to a potential influx of 42.5 million liters of beer from outside sources, assuming all visitors bring the maximum allowance.

Bar and restaurant scene: Benidorm boasts a vast network of bars, pubs, and restaurants, with many offering deals and promotions on beer, often priced competitively. Assuming an average daily consumption of 2 standard pints (500ml) per tourist who drinks beer (considering not all tourists do), and with an average tourist stay of 5 days, this translates to a potential local consumption of 25 million liters of beer during the peak season.

It's important to note that these are estimates and extrapolations, and the actual figures could be higher or lower. Additionally, these numbers only consider tourist consumption, not the local residents' beer consumption, which would further contribute to the overall total.

While an exact figure remains elusive, it's safe to say that beer plays a significant role in Benidorm's tourism landscape. From the bustling bars to the lively atmosphere, the presence of beer is undeniable.

So, the next time you raise a glass in Benidorm, remember that you're not just enjoying a refreshing drink, but participating in a vibrant cultural tradition, with an estimated combined potential consumption exceeding 67.5 million liters of beer annually.